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Sound Effect IC HK637

* 5 kinds of ICs available for animals, trains, baby cries & laughs, trucks, car sounds. * Fixing sound output with 4 sections each kind IC by 4 trigger keys (TG1 ~ TG4 pin) option. * Trigger mode of TG1 ~ TG4 pin fixed in IC body by one-shot non re-trigger, level hold or one-shot re-trigger. * Application: Home appliances, toys, education kits, sound boxes. * Package Type: DIP-16L * Sound listening: http://www.honsitak-taiwan.com/index_producs-1.htm

Sound Effect IC HK625

* Built in 1 LED flash circuit for sound output indication 4 siren sounds to be playing from 4 independent trigger keys (TG1, TG2, TG3, TG4 pin). * LH pin: Trigger mode option by one shot with re-trigger type (LH pin open) or level hold type (LH pin connect to GND).             PIN                        SOUND LIST                     TG1                Ambulance            TG2                Fire Engine            TG3                Police Car            TG4                Ki, Ki, Ki .......... Alarm * Application: Toys, TV games, key chains, alarm systems. * Package Type: DIP-16L

Sound Effect IC HK621

* Separate 3 trigger keys (TG1, TG2, TG3) with 3 different telephone ring tones output. * Built in 1 LED flash circuit for sound output indication. * Built in oscillator resistor and fixed sound quality. * Trigger mode by one shot non re-trigger type. * Application: Telephone systems, hand phones, security systems, door phones. * Package Type: DIP-8L