Doorbell IC HK527 & HK537

  • Model No.:HK527 DIP-8L & HK537 DIP-14L
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

* Ding-Dong sounds with dual tone sound effects.

* Can select 1 time or 2 times from OPTION pin for sound output.

* HK527 had fixed on 2 times sound output.

* Trigger type by one shot re-trigger mode when TG pin is triggered.

* Sound quality can be modified by capacitors & resistors value of EN1 or EN2 pin.

* Application: Door bells, toys, clock melodies, key chains, security systems.

* Package Type: HK527 DIP-8L / HK537 DIP-14L

* Sound listening: http://www.honsitak-taiwan.com/index_producs-1.htm