LED Blinking IC HK926A

Model No.
HK926A DIP-16L
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    Key Features

    * Built in and fixed oscillator frequency for 5 LED blinking output, no necessary extra resistor or capacitor in the circuit.

    * LED blinking speed can be adjusting from external resistor *Rx) & external resistor (Cx).

    * Fixed 4 kinds blinking type by TG pin sequence trigger

                 TG Pin                           LED Blinking Status        

            1st triggered               5 LEDs all off

            2nd triggered              5 LEDs all light without blinking

            3rd triggered               5 LEDs all relatively blinking

            4th triggered               5 LEDs all forward / backward blinking

    * Application: Bicycle / motocycle lights, traffic direction sign boxes, security systems, toys.

    * Package Type: DIP-16L