3 Telephone Ring Sound IC HK621, DIP-8L

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HK621, DIP-8L
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Key Features

Key Features

* 3 Telephone ring sound available

* Separate 3 trigger keys (TG1, TG2, TG3) with 3 different telephone ring tones

* Built in 1 LED flash circuit for sound output indication.

* Built in oscillator resistor and fixed sound quality.

* Trigger mode by one shot non re-trigger type.

* Application: Telephone Systems, Hand Phones, Security Systems, Door Phones.

* Package Type: DIP-8L

* HK621 data sheet: http://honsitak-taiwan.com/p_data/hk621.pdf

* HK621 ( TG1 key ) sound: http://honsitak-taiwan.com/p_sound/hk621_TG1.mp3

* HK621 ( TG2 key ) sound: http://honsitak-taiwan.com/p_sound/hk621_TG2.mp3

* HK621 ( TG3 key ) sound: http://honsitak-taiwan.com/p_sound/hk621_TG3.mp3

* Honsitak all products: http://honsitak-taiwan.com/products.htm


* Additional banking charge of USD10.00 for orders unders USD100.00 (excluding
  delivery charges).

* Delivery charges are for a single model, if more than one models are needed,
  please contact us directly, so that we may recalculate the total and the combined
  delivery charges for our products.

* More discount, if quantities needed are more than 50 PCS, please contact us
  directly at sales12@honsitak-taiwan.com 

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