Encoder / Decoder HK526A, DIP-18L

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HK526A, DIP-18L
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Key Features

Key Features

* With very high noise immunity, a pair with HK526E / Encoder IC. FOSCD (HK526D) ≒ 10 X FOSCE (HK526E).

* Up to 12 parallel Address bus (A0-A11), can be programming to 4096 set code totally.

* Fixed 4 Data bus (D0-D3) for receiving port.

* 4 data bus with data latch type.

* Application: Car / home security systems, garage door controllers, remote control toys.

* Package Type: DIP-18L


* The Price included transmitter IC HK526E ( DIP form ) x 1 & receiver IC HK526A ( DIP form ) x 1

* Additional banking charge of USD10.00 for orders under USD100.00 (excluding delivery charges).

* Delivery charges are for a single model, if more than one models are needed, please contact us directly, so that we may recalculate the total and the combined delivery charges for our products.

* More discount, if quantities needed are more than 50 PCS, please contact us directly at sales12@honsitak-taiwan.com

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